“To Inspire Hope”

Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 1:00 – 4:30 PM
Moose Jaw Library & Museum Theatre

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Tickets ($20.00) are available!


Our 2018 Hope Summit speakers:

WANDA CAMPBELL: Replacing Grief with LoveWanda Campbell, by Les Chelle Photography

Wanda Campbell was born in Alberta but has lived in Saskatchewan most of her adult life. At the present, Wanda lives in Pilot Butte, and works full time at the Allan Blair Cancer Clinic. She is the mom of two amazing children, one in Heaven and one on Earth. Wanda’s daughter Lindsay is a dedicated nurse working in small town Saskatchewan. Her son Lane was a fun-loving, 17 year old just entering grade 12 when he was killed in a collision 3 kilometers from their home along the #1 highway.

Wanda has focused her grief journey on honoring the love she has for her son and strengthening that love as the connection to Lane. Wanda is dedicated to continually learning ways replace the grief and pain with the love for her children, and to sharing that knowledge with others who are also grieving.



I am from Jamaica and I came to Canada in 2005 to attend Victory Bible College in Calgary, Alberta. Coming to Canada has been a great opportunity; I was given the privilege to be a part of another culture and to share some of my own. I consider this an honour to be a part of the 2018 Hope Summit to share my personal experience about my life’s journey and to give hope, strength, and courage to others on theirs. This is not the end of my journey; it’s only the beginning, because the best is yet to come.





Elliece Ramsey is a twenty-four year old student living in Regina. Elliece’s first experiences with depression and social anxiety began at thirteen years old, and several years after that she developed a compulsive body-focused repetitive behaviour. It took a decade from initial onset, and the help of mental health professionals including a psychiatrist and several therapists, for her mental health to recover to a manageable state. Elliece is currently working on a Bachelor’s of Science in biology at the University of Regina. In her spare time, she is an aspiring derby girl, an inveterate bookworm, and a multi-instrumentalist of dubious skill.



KALEM JOSEPH ROBERT MOSES: Gift of DesperationKalem Moses, by Les Chelle Photography

I was born in Moose Jaw January 27, 1992. I learnt the disease of addiction at a very young age. At age five, I drank my first beer.  Years gone by, the disease manifested in many different ways by age 18. I lost my mother to a drug overdose on March 25th, 2010. My son was born March 26th, 2011, and my daughter was born November 10th, 2014. I lost custody of my kids January 1st 2016. I got clean March 1st 2016.

I now focus on helping other recovering addicts, speaking on my experience with the disease of addiction. I’m just finishing my Hip Hop Album, a recovery album named “Gift Of Desperation.” I continue working on myself and things from the past through a 12 Step Program and my music. I am working on my new way of life by staying clean from all substances and following my dream with music and having custody of both of my kids.